About Us

Appellation Nature Contrôlée is a blog about the creation of a feature film documentary with a focus on natural and organic wines.  This blog will highlight a wide range of articles and information about organic and natural wines.

The feature documentary, Appellation Nature Contrôlée, will:

-Explain the history of wine-making — from the very beginning until today — and how wine has evolved and industrialization has taken over

-Show the problems and consequences of modern agriculture for soil and for the final product of wine

-Talk about the politics of wine and how the media and critics influence the palates of millions and drive the sales of wine

-Highlight how a handful of “vignerons” are now returning to wine-making that respects the soil and the wine, the problems that they face, and a brief history of this movement

-Articulate the difference between sustainable, organic, biodynamic and natural wine

-And overall, help wine enthusiasts to better understand the inner workings of the wine industry and the organic/natural wine movement

We hope the information, interviews, and video clips on this blog will help to raise awareness and support for this project, while showing the evolution of the documentary.  Thank you for your support!